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With a desire to produce an outstanding refreshing beer, the Indian Runner team have drawn on a wealth of brewing expertise to produce Indian Runner Golden Ale.

Brewed in the UK using a complex structure of malts and hops, this unique, refreshing Premium Golden Ale is perfect drinking, whatever the occasion.

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Brewer's Tasting Notes

  • Visual Appearance

    Golden amber.

  • Smell/Aroma

    A sweet and fresh hop aroma.

  • Texture

    A lingering mouth feel that makes this a very moreish beer.

  • Flavour

    On first tasting Indian Runner Golden Ale offers a clean, satisfying and refreshing experience. This is followed by a distinctive vanilla character that lingers on the upper palate and gives the beer a fine balance of flavours.

  • Eat, drink and be merry

    Runner with Food

    The perfect accompaniment to dishes of all types, Indian Runner Golden Ale works particularly well with spicy food. It’s lightly sparkling body and depth of flavour make it a refreshing partner to any meal.

    So whether it’s curry with friends, BBQ on the beach or perhaps a plate of Nacho’s in front of the TV, our Golden Ale is the perfect accompaniment.

  • Watch, play and drink

    Runner with Sport

    Football down the pub, Ladies Day at the races, a Test Match or Six Nations home game, Indian Runner Golden Ale provides all the refreshment you need. So, before that next great sporting event, ensure the fridge is stocked with Indian Runner Golden Ale.

  • Drink with company

    Runner with Friends

    Good company deserves something special to drink. Perhaps it's a night down the pub, a lazy Sunday afternoon at friends or clubbing till the early hours. Send us your "good time shots" to appear on our picture wall. If we use your image, we'll send you a case of beer.

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