Indian Runner Drinks – NEW Website Live!

We’re delighted to be able to announce that our new website is LIVE!

From concept to launch, the website represents our brand personality and uniqueness and our imagery has been chosen to allow our audience to get a flavour of how our drinks can be enjoyed and the vibe they create. The products page tells you everything you need to know about our Golden Ale, IPA and Craft Lager, each drink broken down and described as best you can online – of course the real beauty is in the drinking!

Take a look at the About Us section to read the tale of how Indian Runner Drinks unfolded and the journey we’ve been on to get to the website you’re viewing now. Our social media platforms are prevalent on the site as they allow our consumers to hear and engage with us on a daily basis. So whether you are an Instagram enthusiast, a Twitter watcher or a Facebook fanatic – there’s something different on each.

Overall we want to hear how your experience of the site is for you, so get in touch with us on the Contact US page and we’ll be delighted to see your feedback.

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