‘Appy Days at Indian Runner!

Indian Runner Drinks has rolled out the latest in innovative technology to support their growing field sales team. The Indian Runner sales team now use the app to improve their customer service and order tracking.

The Indian Runner app allows orders to be made at the touch of a button, giving instant, real-time visibility and control of stock, demand and supply.

Andy Burdon, Co-Founder of Indian Runner comments, “The app is a key part of a much wider strategy to ensure greater cohesion and communication between each Indian Runner team member. We now have the ability to spot regional trends between our product ranges and collate this information to feedback to the sales team”.

Indian Runner is continuously striving to innovate wherever possible, from the flavour profiles of its beers to the standout packaging. The app is another example of how to revolutionise the craft beer landscape.

The combination of a large field sales team and increasing product demand, it was necessary to utilise a tool such as the app to provide transparent order analysis quicker, more efficiently but most importantly simpler.

With six products now on the market; Golden Ale, IPA and Craft Lager in bottle and 30l Keg, keeping a keen eye over the range as a whole is made easier with the app.

For more information on all our products click here.

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