Has Indian Runner Drinks Landed Near You?

To coincide with the launch of our fantastic new Indian Runner stockist’s page on the company website, we thought we’d give you an update as to where the Indian Runner team has been recently, and the new locations that are selling our drinks.

With Christmas coming and going, the new interactive stockists page on our website was planned for launch in early February. Feedback has been great as it allows our audience to check where they can experience Indian Runner drinks near them. The functionality of the map allows us to update it with new locations several times a week. Simply enter your post code, the distance you’d be willing to travel and there you go – Instant Indian Runner!

The map is only as important as the work that goes in behind the scenes however and our team work tirelessly to increase the availability of Indian Runner.  In the last few months, we’ve seen record sign ups as key areas such as London, Bristol, Shrewsbury and Glasgow sample our range and scramble to get us on tap. So, whether it’s a restaurant, bar or wholesaler, you literally have no excuse not to experience Indian Runner drinks.

Indian Runner Co-Founder Andy Burdon says, “It’s been a busy time for all of us, travelling the length and breadth of the UK – spreading the Indian Runner word. We’re delighted that the stockists feature on the website is now live, it’s something we were passionate about from the beginning – allowing our customers the ability to easily check where they can buy Indian Runner.”

Browse our products page to find your perfect Indian Runner drink here.

Check out the new Indian Runner Stockist page here.

For further information on how to become an Indian Runner Stockist email us here marketing@indianrunnerdrinks.com

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