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It was here, over a beer, that Bill and Andy began contemplating over what the perfect craft beer would taste like and how they wanted to create something that was fun, innovative, niche and different – not just with regard to taste but also packaging and branding.

They wanted to combine flavours and style to genuinely create a craft beer inherently different to anything else in the market.

The first twenty seconds…

Like all great ideas, they needed a special type of dedication to get through the first twenty seconds of enthusiasm. Luckily, with Andy and Bill, they combined extensive brewing knowledge with sound business sense, knowing when to bring expertise into the team at the appropriate time.

In the early days, Derek Lowe, a Master Brewer with over 45 years of experience, joined the Indian Runner team and the concept began to gain momentum. Bill and Andy still wanted to remain true to their ‘different‘ mantra and went to the lengths of travelling through Europe in order to find the key ingredient, so that the charming golden colour would be perfect for a clear bottle.

Finally, the vision was realised when the first batch of Golden Ale went from dream to reality. Upon the first sip of chilled craft beer, it was immediately recognisable as being refreshingly different and the Indian Runner team knew they had created a revolutionary flavour that would resonate with both men and women of all ages.

Immediately taste the potential…

The team knew that anyone sampling the Golden Ale would immediately taste the potential and with this in mind, the Indian Runner team welcomed Rod to take the helm of production and recipe development. Rod’s experience with Global beverage brands would ensure the unique taste was in good hands for years to come. With Rod and an International investor coming aboard, the Indian Runner brand could be taken to the next level.

With the investment, 2017 saw the launch of an Indian Runner IPA – offering a smooth, palatable IPA that would be a welcome addition to the Indian Runner craft family. Complimenting the Golden Ale and IPA, we introduced our Craft Lager, meaning there would be three quality keg and bottle drinks – all offering something uniquely different.

THE TEAM ARE proud to serve you something refreshingly different and quite simply, your enjoyment of INDIAN RUNNER originated from a conversation in a pub.

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